Wearing AFO's

An Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is a brace worn to provide stability and mobility to the wearer. It is an aid for a variety of medical conditions including muscular dystrophy, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and numerous other conditions which result in muscle weakness. Most AFO's are made of stiff non-breathable plastic. This stiff brace works to stabilize the ankle joint and reduce problems manifested by foot drop while supporting the body's weight.

Why the SmartKnit AFO Liner?

With the AFO Liner, wearing knee socks is a choice, not a necessity.

Because the stiff plastic of the AFO covers a substantial surface area of the skin, an interface is beneficial to keep the skin from sheering, chafing, and becoming damp from perspiration. SmartKnitAFO Liners are a specially designed sleeve that fits over many AFO braces. This innovative liner places a breathable, protective, and comfortable cushioning shield for the AFO wearer's leg to rest against and a breathable cushion for the foot to rest upon without being hot or bulky. Many AFO wearer's have difficulty wearing knee socks due to pain, swelling, and heat. With the AFO Liner, wearing knee socks is a choice, not a necessity. No more swelling or aching or hot and sweaty feet caused or aggravated by binding socks.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is essential in preventing various skin problems associated with wearing an AFO Brace. SmartKnit AFO Socks are made of advanced CoolMax(R) or X-STATIC(R) fibers. These patented fibers are designed to provide maximum moisture control by wicking away moisture from the skin. This moisture management system helps prevent skin conditions caused by moisture and the bacteria that thrive in moist skin environments. X-STATIC(R) silver fibers also act as a natural anti-microbial, which helps kill the bacteria that cause dermatitis.

Wrinkle and Pressure Point Reduction

Wrinkling and bunching can cause pressure points, which can lead to serious health care complications, especially in people with reduced sensation in the legs and feet. SmartKnit's unique knitting technology uses corespun spandex yarns that form fit the AFO. This special design that ensures SmartKnitAFO Liners help reduce pressure points normally caused by sock wrinkling and bunching in the AFO Brace.

Step Out in Comfort and Fashion

SmartKnit AFO Liners come in black, white and tan, giving a variety of fashion options. By covering the brace, an AFO wearer is able to wear sandals without socks. Summer and fashionable footwear are now possible. Keep cool and trendy in a white AFO Liner and a cool comfortable SmartKnit anklet or sport sock. Sleeve the AFO in a black or tan AFO Liner and add a sheer stocking or trouser sock and you are back to business or stepping out in style. For men, a black AFO Liner and comfortable men's dress sock, keeps the focus on business and not the AFO.

Freedom for Children

The liners allow kids to wear seasonal shoes. Combined with a healthy comfortable sock or hosiery, SmartKnit makes the AFO experience a lot easier.

AFO with Ankle Straps

Click here for easy instructions to modify AFO Liners to accommodate AFOs with ankle straps.